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Research Results

The objective of the research projects funded within the research focus of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research “Future Megacities“ is to develop applicable solutions for sustainable urbanisation. A representative selection of products and processes which have been implemented locally in the partner cities have been documented in fact sheets.
Each project has one “project brief“ describing the overall project as well as several “action briefs“ focussing on individual measures realised on the local level. The fact sheets are arranged by projects and classified by cross-cutting topics 

All contents are based on the descriptions provided by the related research projects reflecting the state of work as of September 2012 and May 2013.

Overview of Action Briefs

Poster Innovative Solutions for Future Megacities
Energy as a Key Element of an Integrated Climate Protection Concept for the City Region of Gauteng (EnerKey)
GAU-PBEnergy and Climate Protection in Gauteng (South Africa)
GAU-AB1TIMES-GEECO Integrated Energy System Model
GAU-AB2EnerKey Transport Emission Inventory
GAU-AB3EnerKey Technology Handbook
GAU-AB4African Sustainable House (ASH)
GAU-AB5EnerKey Schools Project
GAU-AB6Integrated Urban Development Assessment in Gauteng
GAU-AB7EnerKey Long-Term Perspective Group
GAU-AB8EnerKey Performance Certificate
GAU-AB9EnerKey Adviser
GAU-AB10EnerKey Detectives
Megacity Research Project. Ho Chi Minh City – Integrative Urban and Environmental Planning Adaptation to Global Change
HCM-PBAdaption Planning in HCMC (Vietman)
HCM-AB1Urban Climate Map
HCM-AB2Water Balance Modelling and Planning Recommendations
HCM-AB3Community Based Adaptation
HCM-AB4Adapt HCMC – Urban Design Guidebook
HCM-AB5Handbook for Green Housing
HCM-AB6Handbook for Green Products
HCM-AB7Climate Adapted Laund-Use Planning
Hyderabad as a Megacity of Tomorrow: Climate and Energy in a Complex Transition Process towards Sustainable Hyderabad
HYD-PBSustainable Hyderabad
HYD-AB1Strategic Transport Planning Tool
HYD-AB2Options for Corridor Improvement
HYD-AB3Public Transport Improvement
HYD-AB4Street Food-Safety Manual and On-Site Trainings
HYD-AB5Community Radio in Tarnaka
HYD-AB6Implementing cooperative and technical solutions to increase energy efficiency in irrigation
HYD-AB7Solar Powered Schools
HYD-AB8Collective action for fuel transition among the urban poor: The LPG Project
HYD-AB9Climate Assessment Tool for Hyderabad (CATHY)
HYD-AB10Education for Sustainable Lifestyles
Income Generation & Climate Protection by Valorising Municipal Solid Wastes in a Sustainable Way in Emerging Megacities, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
ADI-PBSolid Waste Management in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
ADI-AB1Model-Based Strategic Planning
ADI-AB2Pilot Project: Waste to Energy
ADI-AB3Residual Household Waste Analysis
ADI-AB4Improving Occupational Safety and Health of Recycable Maetrial Collectors („Korales“)
ADI-AB5Pilot Project: Paper Recycling
Sustainable Water and Wastewater Management in Urban Growth Centres . Coping with Climate Change – Concepts for Lima Metropolitana (LiWa), Peru
LIM-PBWater Management in Lima (Peru)
LIM-AB1Lima Ecological Infrastructure Strategy
LIM-AB2Evaluation of Water Pricing Options
LIM-AB3Macromodelling: The LiWatool Simulator
LIM-AB4Participatory Scenario Building
LIM-AB5Climate Modeling and Water Balance
Metrasys - Megaregion Transport Systems for China: Research and Development of Sustainable Mobility Concepts for the Metropolis Region Hefei in China
HEF-PBTransportation Management in Hefei (China)
HEF-AB1Traffic Environmental Impact Assessment with Traffic Emission Model (TEM)
HEF-AB2Intelligent Traffic Management Based on Floating Car Data (FCD)
HEF-AB3Guidelines and Manuals to Best Practice Traffic Management and Transport Planning and Urban Block Design
HEF-AB4Hefei Slowmotion – Strategic Design Proposal for Walkable Cities
HEF-AB5Intersection Monitoring System
Urban Agriculture (UA) as an Integrative Factor of Climate-Optimised Urban Development, Casablanca, Morocco
CAS-PBUrban Agriculture in Casablanca (Morocco)
CAS-AB1Pilot Projects as Initiators of Processes
CAS-AB2Public Campaign on Urban Agriculture
CAS-AB3Industry and Urban Agriculture
CAS-AB4Design Competition for a Multifunctional Spatial System
CAS-AB5Web-based Information Services for the Environment (WISE) - Casablanca
CAS-AB6Urban Agricultrure and Healthy Food Production
CAS-AB7Urban Agriculture and Informal Settlement
CAS-AB8Urban Agriculture and Peri-Urban Tourism
RECAST Urumqi: Meeting the Resource Efficiency Challenge in a Climate Sensitive Dryland Megacity Environment, Urumqi as a Model City for Central Asia
URU-PBResource Efficiency in Urumqi (China)
URU-AB1First Passive House in West China
URU-AB2Extra Low-Energy Renovation of Existing Buildings
URU-AB3Mass and Energy Flow Analysis in the Chinese PVC Industry
URU-AB4Development of Waste Management Software for Industrial Parks
URU-AB5Hydrological Modelling and Water Information Management
URU-AB6Measuring Near-Surface Soil Water Content with Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)
URU-AB7Reducing mercury use in the Chinese PVC industry
URU-AB8Capacity Building for Energy Efficient Buildings
URU-AB9Planning for a High-Rise Building in Passive House Standard
URU-AB10A Plan to Subsidize Energy Efficient Houses Instead of Natural Gas Imports from Turkmenistan
URU-AB 11Household Survey on Dealing with Energy, Water and Waste
Young Cities - Developing Energy-Efficient Urban Fabric in the Tehran-Karaj Region
CodeTitleCrosscutting Themes
KAR-PBNew Town Development in Theran-Karaj (Iran)
KAR-AB1The 35 ha Pilot Project Detailed Plan
KAR-AB2Mobility Management
KAR-AB3Public Transport Concept Hashtgerd
KAR-AB4Local (Public) Transport Plan
KAR-AB5Calculation of Cost Covering Water Prices
KAR-AB6Measuring Domestic Water Use
KAR-AB7New Quality Building
KAR-AB8Energy-Efficient Homes
KAR-AB9New Generation Residential Buildings
KAR-AB10New Generation Office Buildings
KAR-AB11Architectural Energy Efficiency
KAR-AB12Short On-Site Training Workshops
KAR-AB13Awareness Raising through a Citizens’ Exhibition
KAR-AB14Evaluation Strategy
KAR-AB15Life Center