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The  major  tasks  of  the  cross-linked  network  „Megacities  and  Mobility“  are  collection  and comparison  of  information  and  methodologies  gained  by the individual projects, like: traffic impacts, planning structures,  stakeholder-constellations,  development and implementation of measures. Furthermore, this interaction aims at the exchange of experiences that help  to  identify  measures  to  influence  behaviour in a more sustainable way or to design sustainable transport systems. Additionally the transferability of project specific approaches to other contexts is also an important issue. Outcomes of the networking activities will be disseminated to national and international professionals and decision-makers.

Who participates?

The  cross-linked  network  “Megacities  and  Mobility” (MC Mob) is a collaboration involving six projects in the  BMBF-research  programme 
“Future  Megacities” under the topic of “Mobility and Transportation”.

Young Cities - New Towns (NT) in Iran: Developing Energy-Efficient Urban Fabric in the Tehran-Karaj Region, Iran,

Shanghai: Integrated approaches towards a sustainable
and energy-efficient urban development (until 2011),



Sustainable housing strategies and concepts for the
balance of urban growth and urban renewal in
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietman,

METRASYS -Sustainable transportation concepts for future megacities, Hefei, China




Climate and Energy in a Complex Transition Process towards a Sustainable Hyderabad. Mitigation and adaption strategies by changing institutions,
goverance structures, lifestyles and consumption patterns,
Hyderabad, India

EnerKey - Energy as a Key Element of an Integrated Climate Protection Concept, Gauteng, Johannesburg, South Africa




Dr.-Ing. Wulf-Holger Arndt

Technische Universität Berlin,
Zentrum für Technik und Gesellschaft
Bereichsleiter Mobilität und Raum

Hardenbergstr. 16-18, Sek. HBS 1
10623 Berlin
Phone.: 030 314 - 25 230
Fax: 030 314 - 26 917



International Symposium Urban Mobility and Integrated Transportation | El-Gouna, Egypt

This event took place in El-Gouna, Egypt from the 22nd until the 24th of February 2013. It contributed to a series of academic events hosted by El-Gouna Campus of the Technische Universität Berlin. The symposium offered a platform for transferring and disseminating the various activities and findings in the field of Mobility and Transportation of the Megacities Research Program of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) . It was organized by the Mobility and Space Research Area of the Center for Technology and Society (ZTG)  in cooperation with the West Asia North Africa Cooperation Unit (WANACU)  and the Cross-linked Network Megacities and Mobility - MC Mob.

As objectives, the symposium focused on addressing; (1) the interrelation between land use, settlement structure and growth of traffic performance; (2) experiences in several projects solving traffic problems based on this interrelation; (3) integrated transport approaches and projects' results from other research programs for urban development and mobility; and (5) basic ideas for research projects in Egypt.

The event aimed to reach transportation/urban planners, consultants, politicians, transport industries, transportation researchers, students of Egyptian universities and of the master courses at Campus El Gouna, citizens, representatives of organizations, companies, and other institutions which are interested in/responsible for the development of El-Gouna's community and its regional neighborhood.

The main activities of the symposium were distributed on two days. On the first, the 23rd of February 2013, guests representing the various projects of Megacities Research Program and their partners were invited to present their topics and experiences in order to be shared and discussed. Further, external speakers were also invited to add their inputs to the topic. Here, the symposium was successful to host remote presentations over Skype from Australia and Brazil simultaneously. The On the second day, the 24th February 2013, all participants and attendances were invited to a workshop concentrating on opening new prospects for the Megacities Research Project under thematic fields including settlement structures and traffic, public transport and paratransit, and mobility management. In order to keep the results accessible and eligible, the workshop tended to document all streams of ideas, concepts, and topics discussed in the form of a "mindmap". A processing file has been also produced for the same purpose. Together with the partners form other Megacities research program (DFG, Helmholtz) and with the external experts the open research questions and future project ideas to the topic "Urban Areas and Mobility" were discussed.

List of speakers and their Keynote-Presentations:
-    Wulf-Holger Arndt - Integrated Transport and Urban Planning
-    Hashempour -  Identity and Sense of Place in the New Cities Presentation 1
-    Hashempour -  Identity and Sense of Place in the New Cities Presentation 2
-    Thomas Haasz, Jan Tomaschek - Gauteng Integrated Analysis of the Transport Sector
-    Günter Emberger - Ho Chi Minh City Promotion Public Transport and Slow Modes
-    Nguyen Ba Hoang - Climate Change Mekong Delta
-    Nguyen Quoc Hien - HCMC Transport Past, Present, and Future
-    CSRK Prasad - Hyderabad Public Transport Improvement
-    Alexander Sohr - Hefei traffic Management
-    Tingjian Fang - Hefei Traffic Management
-    Li Zhenyu - Transport in Megacities of Tomorrow in China
-    Dirk Heinrichs - Santiago de Chile Transport Scenarios 2030
-    Duncan Smith - Density, Land Use, and Travel Patterns in Urban Age Cities
-    Jeffrey Kenworthy - Mobility in Mega Cities Transport Typologies and their Meanings
-    Fabio Duarte - Curitiba Transport Oriented Development
-    Khaled El-Araby - Urban Transport Issues in Egypt
-    Elham Amini - Traffic in Tehran



More information about the symposium can be found under:
Urban Mobility and Integrated Transportation

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